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What's in it for me

Knowing what you could save.

Our easy to understand quick guide will tell you within seconds how much or how little you are leaving behind on the field. Knowing your bu/ac efficiency ratio at the time of harvesting will help you calibrate your combine and loss monitor settings to the most efficient way.

Just like calibrating your air seeder in the spring, you wan to calibrate your combine and find benchmarks for the future.


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Bushel Plus Features

Bushel Plus Features

  • Fits under any combine
  • Safe and secure
  • Remote controlled 'Attach and Release' system
  • Two different pan sizes for different crops
  • Bushel Plus 'Separator Unit' separates grain kernels from MOG in seconds
  • No more screening or picking out kernels
  • Scale quantifies the losses with accuracy

"What's included"

The Bushel Plus system comes as a complete package which does include everything you need for a full measurement. High quality aluminum & steel makes the Bushel Plus a very robust and durable system, which pays for itself after the first day of use. Our 2018 generation is sold as a complete set for only $2899.

Bushel Plus has the only concept which will provide you with:

  • A covered and protected drop pan, for accurate reading and measurements
  • The Bushel Plus main pan
  • Remote control
  • Field Reference guides
  • Two drop pans for different conditions
  • Separator Unit
  • Field scale
  • 12 Volt Smart charger

Save time by cleaning your sample in seconds, only possible with our unique separator!

Bushel Plus Mosaic

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-- Testimonials --

  • Grain loss monitoring has always been a high priority on our farm.
    The addition of the Bushel Plus system was originally planned so it could be done safer. We quickly fell in love with its improvement to safely review a sample, therefore we checked our samples more often.
    The way the Bushel Plus system works with all its parts makes it very easy to establish exactly how much we were throwing over. Found ourselves tweaking it to the point of saving an extra half a BPA, where before we would probably said "good enough” - no more excuses for operators!
    -- Twin Elm Farms -- Darryl and Kendal Enns -- Elm Creek, MB
  • It would have been a lot more difficult for us to sell combines this season with a machine we were unfamiliar with. We used the drop pan system by Bushel Plus for every demo to help us learn how to set the machine properly and demonstrate the efficiency of the machine compared to anything we demoed against!
    It really added a lot of credibility to us and our machine - we would have been lost without it.
    -- Mike Klassen -- Product Specialist, Corner Equipment
  • First day of the BushelPlus system, we used the small pan in canola. Confirmed our losses were acceptable. Finished canola and moved into last field of wheat. One operator was saying his loss monitor was different from one direction to the other. Put the pan under and calculated up to 7 bushel loss. Made some adjustments and brought it immediately down to acceptable level. May have paid for your product already! Very pleased.
    -- Ron Sawatzky -- Mac Gregor, MB , Date: 30/08/2017
    Combines: Lexion 590 and 595
  • “For a guy who visits numerous combines on a daily basis this system makes my life a whole lot simpler. Not to mention safer and cleaner. I can get immediate results and maximize combine efficiency with minimal effort.
    Having the drop pan covered before attaining the sample I see as a definate must. The sample integrity is crucial.”
    -- Daniel Labossiere -- Date: 29/08/2017
    Product Specialist
    North America
  • "We have used the Bushel Plus system, for the 2015 and 2016 harvest seasons. Prior to this we have used various methods to collect and quantify combine harvest losses. The Bushel Plus system has several unique features. The remote control drop makes it very safe no more having to have some one trying to throw a pan under a moving combine, which may or may not be laying level on the stubble. No more driving over collection devices. With its portability it can be used on multiple combines. The Bushel Plus separator unit makes short work of separating the grain kernels from the MOG (materials other than grain). No more screening, or picking out kernels. The ability to weight the kernels with the pocket scale quantifies the losses with accuracy. The entire set has paid for itself many times over and saved us a lot of money."
    -- Manfred Gross -- Date: 13/07/2017

"Wishing everyone a great and safe harvest"

  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System
  • Bushel Plus System